Champions of Change Reinvigorated


They are bold and proactive, they are leaders, they are companies that pave the way and say yes to implementing new, innovative and sustainable methods. They transfer their mastery, courage, & determination to other peers and encourage a movement of positive changes in the business world. They are AmCham Champions of Change.  

AmCham has gathered their valuable experiences and incorporated them into a platform that aims to further develop its efforts as a long-standing advocate of knowledge sharing, leading by example and implementing best practices that allow contributing to a more sustainable, resilient and thriving business society.  

With this project, we aim to encourage our company members to share their visionary activities & stories, and be recognized as Sustainability Champions, People & Culture Champions or Resilient Champions, in one of the available formats: written interview or podcast

Categories & Topics of Interest 

The project comprises of a series of activities related to specific best practices undertaken by AmCham members in 3 categories: 

  • Resilience Champions 

Topics of Interest: Dealing with Uncertainty, Change Management, Adaptive Leadership, Organizational Resilience, Managing in Downturn,…

  • People & Culture Champions 

Topics of Interest: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, new HR technology trends, Sustainable Employment, Driving Culture & Leadership, Employee Wellbeing, Experience & Retention Rate,…

  • Sustainability Champions

Topics of Interest: Sustainability Leadership & Storytelling, Green Supply Chains, Sustainable Materials/Products/Packaging, Renewable Energy, Electric Mobility & 0 Carbon Transport, Waste & Chemical Management, Sustainability Work Policies, Corporate Integrity & Transparency,…

To discuss more details, please reach out to our Communication Officer – Ms. Elena Matlievska, at

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