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Author: Daniela Angelic, Communications and Marketing Manager at Nextsense

  1. What type of initiatives has Nextsense undertaken over the last few months, that makes you recognized as a leader in the country?

We are living the most challenging few months triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Human lives, health systems, institutions, and businesses are severely affected by a crisis of such magnitude that we have never experienced in the last few decades. The global pandemic severely hit many businesses. In such circumstances, companies were forced to find alternative ways of organizing their business processes.

From the onset of the global pandemic, Nextsense, as a leader in digital transformation with a strong awareness of solidarity, powered all its resources in assisting the community. We mobilized our innovative, technical and creative power to fast and responsibly respond to the crises and support the society with digital solutions, strategy and technology know-how. Our focus has been dedicated to two main pillars – the health of the citizens and empowering businesses and institutions with digital solutions that will enable the transformation of processes from paper and on-site into fully digital and remote.

In the first weeks of the pandemic, we supported the health institution system dealing with Covid-19 and the citizens with a donation of medical equipment – Mobile Diagnostic Ultrasound System for Infectious diseases Clinic. Within a very short period, we developed and implemented the e-Prescription solution with real-time interaction and tracking of prescriptions and medication for the needs of the Health Insurance Fund of North Macedonia. In the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, when a fast response to community needs was of immense importance, the enthusiastic Nextsense team in only 18 hours managed to develop an electronic system for managing permissions for curfew movement. National e-Services Portal developed by Nextsense has been upgraded to provide new digital services.

At our own initiative, we designed and developed Contact Tracing Technology implemented in StopKorona! and VirusRadar mobile apps, donated to the authorities of North Macedonia and Hungary, to support the detection of potentially exposed persons. Our Contact Tracing Technology raised huge interest in Europe and wider. Nextsense has been invited to many international online events to present its technology, designed to help fight the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the implementation of preventive measures and restrictions in movement, now, more than ever before, the importance of sound and advanced digital solutions is recognized and embraced by all stakeholders – businesses, institutions, citizens. Banks, telecoms and larger corporations are rapidly transforming using our remote collaboration and digital signing solutions with their clients and partners. We took the initiative to empower many of our clients with a digital transformation strategy and support them to implement proven solutions for digital collaboration. In the last few months, our team has been devoted to the fast deployment of Nextsense Signing Portal in many organizations, to enable digital collaboration, distribution, and orchestrated signing of contracts, invoices, purchase orders and other documents by multiple parties. With our Signing Extension, we enabled portal solutions of the organizations with a secure web-based digital signing component, to sign invoices and other documents. For the automated digital signing of a large scale of documents, in some organizations we have implemented our Signing Server solution enabling centralized digital signing, sealing and timestamping of bulk documents. All those initiatives were taken to help the shift of companies’ internal and customer-facing processes into digital.

The Covid-19 crisis provoked the influx of requests for our globally proven solutions for e-Parliament and e-Government from many countries in the world. During the crises, sales shifted to digital. Our corporate and retail clients gained a significant advantage by implementing our advanced e-commerce solution, online reservation and sales, and e-ticket solution, providing a rapid increase in the volume of online sales. We also implemented mobile and web applications for the management of orders, enabling remote contactless processes.

Implementation of Nextsense Corporate Document Repository (CDR) in many organizations facilitates remote work by providing a central digital repository and safe, secure online distribution and access to all corporate documents at any time.

These are the main initiatives and most used solutions we provided in the last few months, to support the organization’s needs and provide a swift shift into the “new normal”.

2. What was the main motivation behind this initiative/s?

The global pandemic at the beginning was a huge shock for all of us. Besides the threat to human life,  the pandemic strongly affected the business community. Covid-19 crises proved that digital transformation is not an option anymore, it has rather become an essential strategy to survive on an ever-challenging market. This was the point when we realized that, actually we are very well prepared for the crisis, thanks to many years of investing in knowledge and mastering in the development of digital transformation strategies and innovative digital solutions. We have no doubts that now it is time to support, give to the community, to put our experience and expertise on disposal, to help companies, institutions, society to easily adapt to the new circumstances with digital products and tools that we develop. That was and still is our main motivation. Looking back into these 6 months, we are very proud that we managed to implement a number of new initiatives, power the organizations with ideas and digital products that provided true value for growth in these difficult times.

3. What is the message you would like to send to other companies in such uncertain times?

Obviously, the Corona crises completely changed the way of performing business, the way companies and institutions operate and deliver services. In these complex circumstances for the functioning of our entire society, the support of each of us, both as companies and as individuals in finding solutions to reduce the consequences of the pandemic is of paramount importance. Now it is time to demonstrate solidarity, share knowledge, experience, and resources. Yes, we can overcome this tough period with mutual support. Each of the community members has something to give to the community. Let’s do it sooner rather than later. It is our contribution and investment for the future.

Nextsense, with its expertise in digital transformation, remains committed to supporting the business community. Our team is at the disposal to empower companies with digital tools and to enable them to automate the processes, smoothly overcome the difficulties, and move forward to a prosperous future.

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