Embracing ESG


The concept of a sustainable business has been influenced by the need imposed from the new era for constant improvement and mastery. Nowadays, the ESG concept has become the new perspective through which businesses’ sustainability is observed and measured. It refers to the organization’s commitment to monitoring and measuring its environmental, social, and governance impact as a foundation that defines the organization’s strategy for long-term development and social responsibility.

As an advocate for promotion of ESG-related topics and development of a strong ESG-compliant business sector, the AmCham ESG Committee hosts the first ESG Conference, that will be held on Wednesday, February 8th, 2023. The goal of the Conference is to promote and increase understanding of the benefits of implementing the ESG concept from a business standpoint. Aiming to inspire, educate, and motivate other businesses, the conference would also provide a forum for AmCham members that have begun to embrace the ESG idea to share their best practices and success stories.

The conference is empowered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

The conference is organized in line with ESG criteria.



Introduction to
the ESG Concept

How do you define ESG? Why does it matter? What are the three pillars of ESG? What are the ESG risks and opportunities for businesses, banks and investors?


ESG Drivers &

How does ESG provide value to the companies? What are the global challenges, how important is sustainable development, and what are the advantages of preparing for impending EU regulations?


Sharing Pioneering Stories

What are the best national and international business practices? How do businesses incorporate ESG into their corporate strategies? What are the most essential steps of the journey? Which challenges should be addressed?


Funding Opportunities for Projects

What financial opportunities exist now and in the future from potential organizations, partners and donors?


JEFF LIGHTFOOT Europe Director
"This conference is very timely and presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses interested in improving their compliance capabilities to engage EU and international experts and stakeholders, connect with like-minded peers in the region, and participate in a knowledge-sharing forum."
NIKOLAY ANGELOV Associate Director, SME Finance & Development
“Companies should strive to adopt best Environment, Social and Governance practices not only for contributing towards the wider good of the society, but also for boosting their own ability to compete in an increasingly complex and risky world. Such conferences could be very helpful in increasing awareness and encouraging the local companies to share their experiences and act.”
MAJA STOLEVSKA KOSTADINOVA Regional Coordinator International Advisory
“The first ESG conference for the private sector of this type will provide excellent opportunity for gathering the business community and relevant stakeholders in one place, enabling practical knowledge and experience sharing and highlighting the increasing importance of the ESG in doing business.”
MARIA TSIADI General Manager
@Global sustain
"As the ESG criteria for investments are becoming mandatory in the EU, an ESG conference can provide valuable information on the processes required to adopt an ESG strategy, the benefits for a company of any size and the roadmap for the successful implementation of the sustainability plan."
@A1 Telekom Austria Group
“Organizing an ESG conference is important as it brings awareness and education on environmental, social, and governance issues to the business sector. It furthermore brings value to the audience and businesses by providing a platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge and best practices, promoting collaboration and innovation in ESG.”
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