Empower HER: US - EU Collaboration on Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality


Following last year’s US Presidential Election, the government objectives shifted to bring gender equality at the forefront, resulting in the adoption of the first-ever National Gender Strategy to promote women’s empowerment.

As one of the most significant pillars supporting this strategy is the Empower HER initiative, signed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, jointly with AmCham EU and AmChams in Europe (ACE). The goal is to bolster direct involvement of the corporate sector in defining, implementing and promoting specific steps to improve women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.

As part of the AmCham network, we call on progressive businesses, especially US enterprises as forerunners in diversity and inclusion to join us in fostering gender equality and women’s empowerment. By signing the Empower HER Declaration, member companies declare that they support the first steps for a better future, one that is more inclusive, diverse, and fair.


  • Increasing female representation in leadership positions;
  • Investing to increase and deepen programs that develop skills and opportunities among women;
  • Promoting leadership development opportunities for women and other under-represented groups through targeted initiatives such as sponsorship and mentor programs;
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce gender pay gaps and implementing gender diverse requirements for all open roles;
  • Advocating for enhanced cooperation with relevant stakeholders on the topic of gender equality and diversity, including with government agencies, the other private sector stakeholders (including associations representing women traders), to foster a harmonized and coordinated approach in implementing a gender equal and inclusive business environment throughout the whole trade process;
  • Sharing experiences and best practices regarding the implementation of gender equality and diversity; 
  • Supporting work-life balance for all employees, offering flexible work arrangements whenever possible, to promote a healthy work environment for staff.


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