Call for CDEPS Presentation by the Customs Administration

On behalf of the Advisory Body by the Customs Administration, we would like to invite the AmCham members to attend the final presentation for this year, scheduled for December 28th, 2021. This presentation will cover the procedure of using the modules Collection and Accounting System and Guarantee Management System within the Customs Declarations and Excise Documents processing System – CDEPS. If you are interested in following the presentation, please submit your registration here. This presentation will be the last in the series of activities undertaken by the Advisory Body within the Customs Administration in 2021. AmCham members have had the opportunity in the last few months to be up to date with all information and upcoming changes in the custom operation through participation in various presentations and workshops.

AmCham as a longtime and active member of the Advisory Body attended the previous meeting that was held on November 29, 2021, when the new draft Law on Representation Activities in Customs Procedures was presented and discussed. In addition, the members were informed about the start of the Study for measuring the time required for the release of goods of the World Customs Organization. 

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