Gamification of Corporate Training Knowledge Sharing Session

On March 10th, AmCham North Macedonia held the engaging knowledge-sharing session “Gamification of Corporate Training”, together with 30 representatives from its member companies.

We would like to thank our special guest speaker Kalina Trajanoska, a co-founder and CEO of Konceptiva Digitala, for giving our members a chance to hear more about the newest employee training and development trends and approaches, unfolding insightful and valuable specifics. 

This is the first event from the series “Modern Trends in the People & Culture Industry”. AmCham North Macedonia looks forward to the future ones and encourages its members to join as advocates for driving transformation & HR proactiveness.

The diverse global trends nowadays are reshaping the People & Culture (HR) industry in significant ways that have an immense impact over the businesses and their unique competitive advantages. The rise of technologies and artificial intelligence, the push toward continuous employee growth and the rising need for shorter, quicker and more personalized training sessions because of the increasing employee turnover rate are only some of the few trends that influenced the People & Culture industry, especially the area of Employee Training and Development. Additionally, recent times have changed the usual way of working, posing a big challenge to millions of companies regarding employee learning & growth, raising the question – what’s in store for the future of Employee Training & Development? Which practical steps can businesses take to ensure employees reach their highest potential when learning? How can one of the newest training approaches be implemented and what’s in it for the businesses? 

The first hybrid knowledge sharing session from the series “Modern Trends in the People & Culture Industry” will focus on Gamification of Corporate Training, as a new and technology-oriented approach for employee training, addressing the issues of: employee learning, better knowledge retention, motivation & engagement, at the same time enhancing the overall corporate training experience. 

Kalina Trajanoska, a Co-founder & CEO of Konceptiva Digital will be addressing all these questions and more, including the science behind learning on March 10th (Thursday) at 10:00 AM. 

We invite our member companies to join this hybrid session and confirm their presence virtually or physically, latest by March 7th, as an advocate for driving transformation and enhancing its corporate training experience.

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