Global Entrepreneurship Week With Start Up Macedonia

AmCham is proud that has supported the Global Entrepreneurship Week by partnering with Startup Macedonia to discuss how startups and corporates can work together for mutual benefit. We were joining forces to explore synergy points between new, agile, and progressive companies and the well-established corporations interested in innovating.

The event was held on November 18th, with the following speakers: Dijana Despodov, Executive Director, AmCham Macedonia; Igor Madzov, Co-founder, Startup Macedonia, and Dushko Jordanovski, Co-Founder and CTO of H4.

Participants had an opportunity to learn about the various models of collaboration between startups and corporates and how corporates can innovate in a smart, fast, and efficient way by partnering with startups. Additionally, case studies of existing successful collaborations between startups and corporates were presented. The event was followed by networking between AmCham’s members and Macedonian startups.

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