The First 100 Days Of The Biden Administration

President Joe Biden entered the White House with an expansive agenda that includes controlling the coronavirus pandemic, stimulating economic recovery, and overhauling climate policy. Veteran White House Correspondent Jon Decker gave us a status report and provide an analysis of what to expect moving forward. Decker emphasized the key administrative policy priorities that president Biden has been and will continue to focus on, during his first 100 days in office and over the next 2 years. Many of them, as Decker pointed out, might have varied effects on international trade and cooperation, conducting business in the US, and the overall economic outlook, but we are yet to see the true effects of the policy changes that are to be administered by the Biden administration if of course they are passed. Many of the pending bills are “tough pills to swallow” as he calls it, for either Republicans or Democrats, so we will just have to wait and see.

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