Policy Talks: Consumer Protection Law

A Public Policy Session for AmCham members regarding the new Consumer Protection Law took place on March 22, 2023.

The specific challenges and difficulties that all stakeholders encountered in the implementation of the Consumer Protection Law sparked constructive discussion among members companies during the session.

Members discussed the challenges in implementing the Law due to its ambiguous provisions and loopholes. Shortcomings in the consultation process for the adoption of the Law were pointed out.

Hence, the members agreed to take initiative to emphasize the inevitable need to amend the Law to create conditions for its smooth implementation.

In light of increased monitoring of companies for their compliance with the Consumer Protection Law (CPL), we invite our member companies to the Policy Session, in collaboration with Pepeljugoski Law Office.

The challenges that are now being experienced by the business sector will be discussed as well as the provisions of the CPL, or in more details:

  • Broad observations on the Consumer Protection Act (CPL);
  • Details regarding compliance with European directives;
  • Adherence with the Macedonian Constitution and Macedonian legislation;
  • Structure of CPL;
  • Packaging, pricing, and product replacement;
  • Sales inducements;
  • Unfair trade practices;
  • Obligation to provide pre-contractual information;
  • “Distance” and “off-premises” contracts;
  • Liability for Damages;
  • Judicial protection.

*Please be aware that this event is for AmCham members only.

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