Second Healthcare Conference

The American Chamber of Commerce North Macedonia (AmCham) is pleased to announce the second AmCham Healthcare Conference, titled “A Glimpse into the Future of our Healthcare System,” scheduled to take place on November 8, 2023.

This event will gather industry leaders, policymakers, healthcare professionals, and experts to delve into crucial topics shaping the future of healthcare.

The conference will focus on two key areas that are pivotal to the design of the healthcare system in the country: access to medicines as a fundamental element of the right to health and secondary use of health data. Both topics will be preceded by presentations to present the current state of play articulated through the data. It will enable to explore the importance of ensuring equitable access to medicines for all and examine the strategies, as well as to provision of valuable policy recommendations to leverage health data ethically, while promoting innovation, research, and improvements in patient care.

The conference will also include engaging fireside chats with subject-matter experts, focusing on discussing innovative approaches, technologies, and collaborations aimed at achieving sustainable healthcare practices, as well as explore the vast potential of secondary use of health data, emphasizing its positive impact on research, personalized medicine, and public health initiatives.

Ultimately, the conference will feature a dedicated session on North Macedonia’s healthcare system, highlighting its recent developments, challenges, and future directions with potential policymakers – political party representatives. Analyzing and presenting different points of view on the country’s healthcare journey regarding some of the pressing issues is intended to provide valuable lessons and perspectives for designing the country’s future healthcare system.

The AmCham Healthcare Conference: A Glimpse into the Future of our Healthcare System is an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We invite healthcare professionals, policymakers, industry leaders, researchers, and all stakeholders passionate about advancing healthcare to join us on November 8, 2023, at DoubleTree by Hilton in Skopje, North Macedonia.

We look forward to welcoming you to this inspiring event that will shape the future of our healthcare system.

About AmCham:

The American Chamber of Commerce in North Macedonia is a business community founded in 2000 and comprised of companies with a diverse spectrum of businesses, from small enterprises to large foreign investors. In its vision, AmCham sees the Republic of North Macedonia as a fully integrated and competitive member of the global economy and an attractive investment hub for international business in the region. AmCham’s mission is to strengthen the voice of international business in the Republic of North Macedonia, to promote a sustainable, predictable, and competitive business landscape through advocacy, events and the sharing of best practices.

AmCham serves as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and advocacy, bringing together a diverse community of businesses and professionals committed to promoting economic growth and sustainable development.

The executive summary of AmCham Healthcare’s First conference: “Improving Access to Medicines for All” Conference Report can be found on the bottom below.

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