Sustainability & Circular Economy With Yair Engel

On December 7, AmCham Macedonia hosted the renowned Israeli expert Yair Engel, a designer, expert, and consultant in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy. A leading figure and change agent, Yair has been promoting sustainable design amongst industrials, entrepreneurs, government offices, and academic institutions in Israel and in Europe. This event was supported by the Israeli Embassy in Macedonia and is in conjunction with the international student conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEIT).  In addition to Yair’s talk, participants had an opportunity to attend a pitching competition where ideas from the academic papers on energy efficiency were transformed into practical business ideas and presented as such. AmCham members served as mentors and judges to the students and had a unique opportunity to forge ties between the private sector and the academia that produces the workforce.

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