Young Professionals Speed-Networking

This winter AmCham introduced an innovation on the networking scene by organizing two speed-networking events on November 21st, 2018, and January 22nd, 2019. The concept of speed networking proved to be very popular and interesting for the young and young-at-heart judging by the increasing number of attendees. The events provided an opportunity to meet everyone present in a no-pressure environment and learn more about the companies and professionals who are part of the AmCham family.
Networking events are a great way to expand your base of contacts, potential clients, and partners and AmCham makes sure young professionals get the most out of these events by making connections with as many people as possible.  The location of the events was also special – Umbrella Cafe, the first bar in Macedonia that employs people with disabilities. AmCham promotes and encourages members to support social enterprises such as this.

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