Digital Divide

What is the digital divide? Why is it important? Is it necessary to speak about the digital divide at a time when we have 79% internet penetration in the country? The answer is yes, now even more than before because the time of ACESS to the internet is overcome by the importance of USE and QUALITY of USE of internet.

When we speak about digitalization, we speak about the use of digital technologies and data to perform business operations, replace or transform business processes and create an environment for digital business.

What can we do for start?

  • Introduce cashless society and payments cards only in order to have a positive impact on tax collection and decrease gray economy.
  • Widely accept digital signatures as they will lead to expenses decrease, increase in productivity, and focus on things that matter the most.
  • Mindset shift for public services: from “One-stop counter” to “Digital office” initiative.
  • Change how we tailor laws and embrace the new normal and digital-first so that the first question in preparing a law is can it be fully implemented digitally.

Speaker: Tatjana Boshevska, CIO, Seavus Group

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