Responsibility for Sustainability

Member Story by Makedonski Telekom

A responsible conduct in terms of the environment and society is at the heart of our strategy and it is our mission to be the leading telecommunications operator and a pioneer in sustainability. This pertains to all spheres of our work, as well as to initiatives for an equal and ecological digital society. Our focus is mainly placed on the two foregrounds that will yield a positive impact in society: climate change prevention and bridging the digital gap.

Green technology

The investments in new technologies and in digital transformation contribute for environmental protection and for an efficient use of the resources. With our smart city solutions in Skopje and in many other municipalities the energy consumption has decreased by more than 60%, as well as the pollution and the CO2 emissions. With our Cloud solutions, our highly efficient data centers consume up to 80% less energy as compared to the consumption of users deploying their own infrastructure.
By introducing the eSIM technology, the plastic SIM cards have been replaced with electronic ones, thereby contributing for a decrease in the use of plastic. By means of digital services, such as online payment and contract signing, we have reduced the consumption of paper for bills by more than 55%.

Our commitment to digital customer experience is green too! With TelekomMK app and One shop we saving paper and making difference in CO2 footprint and our customers can pay bills or buy services online when and where they want.

Furthermore, for more than 2 years we have been producing green energy for our own needs by using solar energy, thereby ensuring a modest coverage of the consumption of the data center in Skopje, while the harmful CO2 emissions in the air are being reduced by almost 50 thousand kilograms every year.

Lea Lepsha, Public Relation Specialist at Makedonski Telekom

Eco initiative – together for environmental protection

We encourage initiatives aimed at reducing the harmful impacts by recycling electronic waste and restoring green areas. By means of this eco-initiative, we have collected more than 11 000 old electronic devices that will be adequately recycled in partnership with Zero Waste.  We are providing an incentive for the customers with an eco bonus and with the assurance that for each returned electronic device we will plant trees in the regions afflicted by fires. The objective of this initiative is a joint action with the customers for the purposes of protecting the environment – reducing the harmful effects and restoring the natural resources. This autumn, we will be planting more than 25 000 trees for restoring the green belt. This commitment is part of the global #GreenMagenta initiative of Deutsche Telekom which is being implemented in 10 countries throughout Europe. The goal is, by means of joint forces, to collect and recycle 1 million old electronic devices by the year 2024. 

Digital inclusion

We believe that a joint digital future is possible only if everyone is equally included. Therefore, we are working on reducing the digital gap and ensuring equal access for everyone to the technologies. We encourage and support young people in the creation of digital solutions for a better tomorrow, while concurrently, via technology, we aim to improve the life of the elderly population.

Emergency button – a technology that saves lives

In partnership with the Red Cross, via the Emergency Button project and with the help of digital technology, we are providing security and support to people aged above 65. The users will be able to alert the Red Cross team in cases when they urgently need help, by using a device that they will always carry with them, by simply pushing the button.  The emergency button provides help to the users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Initially, this project will cover 110 users from Skopje who live on their own and who are in need of an emergency reaction.  Via this strategic partnership, the Telekom Foundation and the Red Cross will be putting technology to use as a tool that will ensure that lives are saved and they will be raising the awareness of the need for care for the elderly population. 

Technology for the planet – co-creating with young innovators

In partnership with UNICEF, we invited young innovators to create ideas for digital solutions with a view to addressing climate change, within the global youth challenge Generation without Borders.  During workshops and with the help of mentors and professionals from Telekom, the young teams created solutions for a better quality of life for the next generations. The best five teams received additional support for the development of their ideas, while the best two teams will represent us at the global challenge. The Bio Techno Logic team created an automatic digital bin for organic waste, which, in its final stage, will produce natural organic fertilizer. On the other hand, the Green Hot Chili Peppers team have an idea for protecting the environment by developing a special bin that will select waste on its own and then produce electric energy.  Climate change affects us all, especially young people who should actively participate in the creation of the solutions. It is our task to enable them to implement their ideas and to boost their potential. As the drivers of digital transformation, it is our duty to give a chance to young people to be the creators of their own future.

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