DMB Production

DMB Production is a company for installation of electrical and plumbing installations and central heating systems, being present on the Macedonian market since the early 1950s. The development of the products and solutions offered by the company is taken care of by a team of 120 people- highly qualified and trained workers. In parallel with the development of the production activity, the company is expanding to the markets in the Balkans, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the European Union. With a tradition of almost 60 years, the company also offers complete solutions that include design, construction, and installation of systems with specific purposes, tailored to the requirements and needs of customers. The priorities in the development of DMB Production are focused on the efforts for the highest degree of satisfaction of the requests and expectations of the clients, while respecting the needs of the employees, the social community, and the environment. Therefore, DMB Production continuously works on improving its products and services and the management team pays special attention to meeting the high international standards for product safety.

Member since: 2016

Address: Krusevski pat, bb, 7500 Prilep, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 48 428 481


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