DMC Balkans Travel & Events is honored to have achieved the prestigious award for leading tour operator in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023 for Republic North Macedonia. We have been considered among the most successful travel management company in N. Macedonia, in terms of professionalism, quality of service, efficiency and absolute reliability. We are a Full-Service-Incoming Tour operator for N. Macedonia and Balkan Region. DMC Balkans Travel & Events works successfully in markets worldwide, handling hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, representing thousands of room nights for our hotel partners. Served more than 200,000 International tourists, main markets: Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, and Nederland. We are fully committed to our partners and aim to always maintain strong relationships with clients, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants. Our company is committed to seeking solutions that help our partners offer exceptional standards of service, choice, reduced costs, faster transactions, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Member since: 2024

Address: St. Mite Bogoevski No. 4, 6000 Ohrid

Phone: +389 46 265 507


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