Farma Trejd

Farma Trejd is a Macedonian company established in 2000.

The company shares the vision for goals achievement by continuous following of the trends in the pharmaceutical, medical and chemicals industry, with attention on new formulations, new and upgraded medical devices, medical and analytical equipment, as well as laboratory products and services.

Today, Farma Trejd offers it’s services for storage and distribution in facilities spread on more than 3000 square meters. The success path lined for over 20 years of experience in trading, is based on knowledge, passion and capability for long‐term fruitful partnerships.

Farma Trejd’s mission is the sustainable growth having as imperative the contribution to public health and the offer of high quality products through best practice operating activities.

Address: Anton Popov 1‐1/3, 1000 Skopje

Phone: +389 (0) 2 3298 782


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