Ibis Instruments

IBIS Instruments is a private company that for more than 25 years has been aiming to fulfill the growing demand for cost-effective products and systems suitable for efficient monitoring and management of telecommunication networks, problem-solving, and maintenance. As a specialized company with an educated and trained technical team, a portfolio of the world’s leading companies, and a wide range of service activities, Ibis has served more than 300 satisfied clients. With many years of successful business, Ibis Instruments has become one of the leading companies in the region. Its mission is to create a functional, secure and efficient business environment for its clients that incorporates new technologies and trends, continuously growing and improving.

Member since: 2018

Address: Veljko Vlahovikj 1-2/2, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 321 5700

Website: https://www.ibis-instruments.com/en/

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