IMB Mlekara Bitola

Having a tradition since the early 1950s, Mlekara AD Bitola is today the largest producer of milk and dairy products in the country, meeting the daily needs of more than a million customers. The customers themselves are the focus of the business strategy of the company. From their needs and desires, all business processes and activities begin in relation to the development, modernization and standardization of the production. The expansion of the assortment and creation of new products have been enabled by following world trends and investing in sophisticated new technology. Therefore, continuous improvement of quality and food safety, and taking care to preserve and improve the environment, is the main goal and top priority of IMB Mlekara Bitola.

Member since: 2009

Address: Gjurcin Naumov Pljakot, 7000 Bitola, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 71 375 112


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