Inbox Archive & Data Center

Inbox Archive & Data Center is an innovative model for record storage and document management, both physical and electronic records. Since 2011, Inbox operation model provides perfect organization of documents following their life-cycle from the moment they are created, allowing its users fast and reliable access, uninterrupted use and most important – safe and secure working process in their own organizations. In only the first 3 years of existence, Inbox has developed its corporate identity and achieved brand recognition as a highly professional, sustainable and trusted partner to the biggest organizations in North Macedonia in the segment of archiving and document management. Today, Inbox provides professional archiving and document management services to more than 250 local and international clients.

Member since: 2014

Address: Str. 32, 9 – Ilinden, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 2580 100


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