Kapital Media Group

Kapital Media Group is the publisher of Kapital Magazine and the Kapital Daily Newspaper, both representing a relevant source of information for making successful decisions for the Macedonian business community in the last 22 years. The peak of the research analysis and continuous monitoring of the country’s most important economic sectors, is the KPM’s special editions “Top 200 largest and most successful companies” and “Top 100 exporters”. In the last twelve years, KMG has been an organizer and supporter of a number of conferences, round tables and forums. In 2011, KMG has started its project – Kapital Academy, focused on organizing major business conferences, business forums, trainings and workshops for greater knowledge.

Member since: 2018

Address: VMRO 7/1/1/31, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 3298 505

Website: https://kapital.mk/

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