Komercijalna Banka

Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje is one of the leading banks in North Macedonia, that in its long existence, has built an image of a bank with tradition, trust, reliability, innovation, and a strong national and international reputation. As a universal Macedonian independent private bank, it offers a wide range of banking activities. Through the widespread network of city branches, branches, ATMs, and POS terminals, which is constantly increasing, the Bank is always close to service to the final users. For the purpose of performing fast and efficient international services for its clients, Komercijalna Banka has established correspondent banking relations with 515 banks in more than 70 countries and maintains Nostro and Vostro accounts with almost 30 banks.

Member since: 2001

Address:  Orce Nikolov n. 3, 1000 Skopje

Phone: +389 2 3296 800

Website: https://www.kb.com.mk/

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