Kromberg & Schubert Macedonia Bitola

Kromberg & Schubert focuses on the development and production of complex wiring systems for the automotive industry. Pioneering spirit and innovative entrepreneurship with a flat hierarchy, have enabled the continuous expansion and globalization of the company. With over 50.000 employees in over 40 locations, Kromberg & Schubert is today one of the global leaders in the supply of electrical systems, cables, and plastic components. The key to success is the strong enthusiasm and the motivation to provide creative product solutions, being the engines of the interdisciplinary teams, who focus on recognizing trends in the market at an early stage and on addressing the individual requirements of customers. Kromberg & Schubert Macedonia is part of the Kromberg & Schubert global family, providing more than 5.000 jobs in our country.

Member since: 2019

Address: A Industrial Zone Zhabeni, 7000 Bitola, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 47 210 120


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