Lear Corporation

Lear Corporation is an American company that manufactures automotive seating and automotive electrical systems. Increasingly global in operation, the company ranks first worldwide in-seat systems, second in flooring and acoustic systems and door panels, third in headliners and electrical and electronic distribution systems, and seventh in instrument panels. The majority of the company’s more than 270 facilities located in almost 35 countries are involved in production/manufacturing and the remaining in administration/technical support, and in assembly. Lear also maintains six advanced technology centers and three distribution centers, providing superior in-vehicle experiences for consumers around the world. Its diverse team of talented employees is driven by a commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and sustainability. Lear is Making every drive better™ by providing the technology for safer, smarter, and more comfortable journeys.

Member since: 2019

Address: TIDZ – Tetovo, 1200 Tetovo, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 44 344 789

Website: https://www.lear.com/

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