Orbico Macedonia, for more than 15 years, is part of Orbico Group, a leading distributor for a large number of global and domestic known quality brands. Its brands range from beauty care products through food and non-food products, technical and electrical appliances to pharmaceuticals, toys, textile, as well as motor oil products. Orbico aims to generate sustainable business growth and create added value for its business partners. Therefore, Orbico is a partner of choice to best meet the needs of its business partners, with an optimal mix of product offering, services, flexibility, and local expertise. With a team of passionate professional experts, the company offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales, logistics services, marketing, and brand management. Over 140 motivated employees, organized in 6 dynamic teams, cover 100% of the Macedonian market, delivering many high-quality renowned brands to every household, in every part of the country. Strong collaborations and transparent partnerships make Orbico a distributor of the first choice for both global and local partners.

Member since: 2017

Address: Boris Trajkovski no.26, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: + 389 2 2792 810

Website: https://www.orbico.com.mk/

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