Panteleon GS

Panteleon GS is a domestic company that operates from North Macedonia, supporting US companies that provide dominantly financial services for the transportation industry. The main business areas covered by Panteleon GS expert teams include factoring, accounting, leasing, insurance, brokerage, financing, controlling, etc. Company’s mission is to offer superior outsourced service that would lead to increased scope of operations from Macedonia for US companies, providing expert local knowledge. At the same time, Panteleon GS aims at setting high standards as local employer, in terms of offering best possible working environment and implementing international best practices. That is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, trying to improve the local community in which it operates and improving the overall conditions for doing business.

Member since: 2021

Address: Maksim Gorki 13, floor 2, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 (0) 78 495 998


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