PI Vitaminka

In its over 60 years of existence, Vitaminka has created the largest world of tastes in North Macedonia and represents an integral part of the lives of several generations, full of memories and precious moments. The ambition of its team contributed to creating and realizing the outlined idea – increasing the production capacity of the company. From a factory for production of ground red pepper, with a new business strategy, Vitaminka started to build its route to success, growing into a leading company within the food industry on the Macedonian market. By strengthening the position on the domestic market, the presence on the foreign markets has also in parallel and intensively grown, where at the moment Vitaminka is placing around 45% of its annual production in approximately 30 countries worldwide. Today, Vitamika represents a large Macedonian brand in the business world and a company that encompasses a vast number of renowned and established brands. It argues its leading position on the domestic market by the well-built corporate brand which is identified by national value, premium quality, and tradition.

Member since: 2005

Address: Lece Koteski 23, 7500 Prilep, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 48 407 404

Website: https://vitaminka.com.mk/

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