Pivara Skopje

Pivara Skopje AD is one of the leading companies in North Macedonia, a joint venture between Coca-Cola HBC and Heineken. Its success story started in the middle 1920s and is a result of tremendous commitment, energy, knowledge, experience, and teamwork, invested by generations of professionals. Pivara takes great pride in having its brands recognized as top quality brands, both on the domestic and international markets. The company is focused on sustainable development in the years to come. #GlassFull is a digital platform of Pivara Skopje AD, created in order to present all of its success stories, partnerships, trends, and innovations.

Member since: 2001

Address: Str. 808 #12, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 0800 1 8888

Website: http://www.pivaraskopje.com.mk/

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