Prilepska Pivarnica

By continuously investing in the production process since its foundation in 1924, Prilep Brewery has constantly improved the quality of its existing products and created new ones, with a special focus on high-quality beers. Prilep Brewery is the only authorized distributor for both major local and internationally recognized global beer brands. The company is highly motivated to deliver constant excellence to customers, ensuring they always get the best and the highest quality. The Mission of the Prilep Brewery is the promotion of the market positions, conquering new markets, maintaining the interests of the company, and fulfillment of all employees’ individual interests. All this is achieved through the top quality of its products and services which meet the needs of the consumers in full, in accordance with the current laws and regulations and respecting the requirements for food products’ safety.

Member since: 2019

Address: Cane Kuzmanoski 1, 7500 Prilep, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 71 371 806


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