ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented, full-service bank, offering excellent customer service and a wide range of banking products. In its credit operations, the bank focuses on lending to very small, small, and medium-sized enterprises, as these businesses create a significant number of jobs and make a vital contribution to the economy in which it operates. ProCredit Bank adheres to a number of core principles: transparency in the communication with customers, striving to minimize ecological footprint, and providing services that are based on the understanding of each client’s situation, as well as on sound financial analysis. By offering simple and accessible deposit facilities and online banking services and by investing in financial education, the bank aims to promote a culture of saving and financial responsibility among business clients as well as individuals. ProCredit Bank invests extensively in the training and development of its employees, in order to create an open and efficient working atmosphere and to provide friendly and competent service for the clients.

Member since: 2005

Address: Manapo 7, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 2446 000


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