Tikves Winery

The Tikves wine district, recognized as the most important quality vine growing region in North Macedonia, is home to Tikves Winery. This is where the Mediterranean climate from the south meets the continental winds from the north, creating superb winegrowing conditions to produce fruit-forward, lively, temperamental, and complex wines. On average, Tikves Winery processes 30.000 tonnes of grapes annually. Located over an area of 100.000 m², Tikves Winery currently employs 320 people and markets its wine throughout the country and in over 15 foreign countries, making it the largest wine operation in North Macedonia.

Member since: 2004

Address: Str. 810, 2, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 3181 700

Website: https://tikves.com.mk/en/home/

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