Ultranet Ultra

Unet is the first Macedonian internet provider, established back in 1995, a year that is officially considered as the start of the Internet communication in our country. As the first company in the Internet business in North Macedonia, Unet by organizing seminars, presentations and publishing, made a huge contribution to promoting Internet access in the Macedonian market. From its inception until today, Unet is constantly evolving, growing, and improving by following and implementing new trends, techniques, and technologies in certain parts of the IT world. Focused primarily on the business user group, striving to continuously raise the quality of its services, Unet has grown into a recognizable company, which in recent years has been dedicated to monitoring, developing, and implementing new services in the Internet business.

Member since: 2013

Address: Partizanski Odredi 70b – BC Aluminka, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 3093 339

Website: http://unetcloud.mk/

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