ZEGIN is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and has proved to be one of the most successful companies in North Macedonia, reaching a market share of 60% in its industry. Zegin’s mission is to offer a wide range of products from various fields of medicine at the most affordable prices, at the same time focusing on its goal to offer patients professional help and constant availability, through advice on their health. In all these years, Zegin constantly achieves excellent results and has continuous development. The success of the company is due to good management, the development strategy based on the most modern world achievements in this field, as well as the use of the most modern computer systems and programs that cover all work activities. Zegin belongs to the 20 biggest Macedonian enterprises, having more than 500 employees and a long tradition of more than 30 years.

Member since: 2018

Address: 8 Septemvri no. 40, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Phone: +389 2 3241 636

Website: http://www.zegin.com.mk/

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