US Chamber Of Commerce Brief With CEO Suzzane Clark

In an era of divided government and partisan gridlock, the U.S. Chamber has been a bold leader in championing bipartisan solutions and building coalitions around the issues most important to the business community, including liability reform, workforce development, corporate governance, business-led climate solutions, and programs and policies to address inequality of opportunity.

Newly appointed CEO Suzanne Clark held an official brief on April 14th with AmCham’s around the globe, where she shared her aspirations for the post-pandemic business climate and the Chamber’s priorities for the upcoming period.

She emphasized the heightened need for global and intercontinental cooperation, especially now, when we are still dealing with challenges brought forth by the pandemic, by pointing out the necessity of learning and applying best practices from the business community and highlighting the importance of the AmCham network as the voice of those businesses all around the world.

As she said during the event: “As the world gets more global, what we have in common unites us in an important way. We are passionate believers in the power of businesses and job creators to bring positive change to their communities, and your work to promote business-friendly policies as part of the global network of American Chambers of Commerce plays a critical role”

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