The Three Seas Initiative Gives Opportunities For Regional Cooperation

As part of the efforts to broaden the regional cooperation between AmChams in the Balkans, last month, AmCham North Macedonia’s Board of Directors hosted Mr. Petar Ivanov, AmCham Bulgaria’s Executive Director, to discuss joint opportunities and possibilities for collaboration of the two countries.

Following the initial meeting in Skopje, and upon invitation of AmCham Bulgaria, AmCham Board President Ms. Maja Filipceva, and AmCham Board Member Mr. Jordan Dimitrovski attended the “3 Seas – Summit and Business Forum” in Sofia, Bulgaria on July 8th and 9th.

The “3 Seas – Summit and Business Forum” was organized by the Ministry of Economy in coordination with the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Development Bank, and the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency. This year’s Summit comprised of 4 panels related to the key sectors for development within the “3 Seas” region: Energy, Transport, Innovation and Digitalization. The last panel, Digitalization, was organized and moderated by AmCham Bulgaria, bringing the level of cooperation between the public and private sector to a new, higher level.

Apart from the 4 panels, both Ms. Filipceva and Mr. Dimitrovski, also attended the signing of a Joint Declaration by 10 AmChams from countries taking part in this Initiative. This Declaration was signed with the purpose of expressing support for better infrastructure, diverse and safe energy sources, rapid digitalization and innovations, and emphasized the role of the chambers in completion of the goals set out by the “3 Seas” for building a more integrated, more prosperous, and overall safer region within the EU single market. This event also highlights the importance and interconnectedness of the chambers of commerce within the AmChams in the EU network, which AmCham North Macedonia is a proud member of.

AmCham North Macedonia’s attendance at the signing of the Declaration and the Summit overall, emphasizes the role of the chambers of commerce in creating bridges for the business communities across countries and enables the possibilities for inclusion of North Macedonia as a non-partner in projects that are part of initiatives of this magnitude.

To find out more about the “3 Seas” Initiative, the Summit, and the importance of regional cooperation, through the eyes of our Board President, Ms. Maja Filipceva, please visit this link to read the entire interview.

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