AmCham Presented its Strategic Positions to the Political Parties 

The AmCham Board of Directors held a meeting with representatives of the political parties, during which it presented AmCham’s strategic positions and recommendations for the period 2024-2028.

At this meeting, special emphasis was placed on the importance of achieving the swiftest possible integration with the EU Single Market in order to fully utilize the opportunities that it offers. To establish a solid basis for integration into the Single Market during the 2024-2028 period, the upcoming state strategy should concentrate on two primary aspects: the development of a functional national business ecosystem and the strengthening of regional relations at the international level that will create interconnected regional market.

The political parties, recognized as important stakeholders in the creation of the public policies, were presented with AmCham’s main recommendations, focusing on economic development, business environment predictability, digitalization, healthcare, human capital, and sustainability as key areas requiring significant attention.

AmCham highlighted its willingness to share expertise, support, and recommendations in the reform process aimed at developing an economic system aligned with EU values while also improving citizens’ living standards.

As an active partner of the institutions, political parties, and other stakeholders, the American Chamber of Commerce in North Macedonia remains ready to maximize collective efforts to encourage positive changes, economic growth, and prosperity, while appealing for enhanced coordination between the corporate sector and the policymakers.

We express our sincere gratitude to the political parties and their representatives who actively participated in the meeting and acknowledged the necessity for national consensus in priority areas and cooperation between the business sector and policymakers.

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