AmChams in the Region United Towards A Better Business Environment

On September 21st, AmCham Albania, AmCham Bosnia and Herzegovina, AmCham Kosovo, AmCham North Macedonia and AmCham Serbia met during the Smart Cities Conference in Tirana and agreed to further strengthen the economic cooperation and promote development opportunities.

The AmChams decided to continue working together to advocate for a better business and investment climate and encourage removal of trade barriers and fostering free movement of capital, people, goods and services. 

Furthermore, AmChams commit to work together explore untapped opportunities by strengthening the ties of AmChams in the region. Faced by numerous challenges including energy security, lack of human capital, supply chain disruptions, trade barriers, cyber security and climate issues, AmChams call on regional leaders to accelerate the reforms and cooperation, in aligning the economies with the EU rules, digital and green agenda, as well as the advancement of the US relations.

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