Tax Reform Strategy 2025 Public Debate

AmCham North Macedonia participated in the public debate hosted by Minister of Finance Mr. Fatmir Besimi regarding the Tax Reform Strategy for 2021-2025 and the Taxation Action plan for 2021.

AmCham’s President, Ms. Maja Filipcheva conveyed the importance of combating the grey economy, which would in turn result in the fair collection of tax revenues and the enforcement of the rule of law which represents the basic pillar for creating a modern and free economy.

The Public Revenue Office and Customs Office should be encouraged to accelerate the digital transformation, the introduction of e-services and automatization of processes, which will enable higher taxpayer satisfaction and willingness to fulfill their civic duty.

The Ministry of Finance as the regulatory body for the above stated institutions must ensure the transparency and predictability of the regulation, with the aim of making sure that all stakeholders know their rights and obligations.  

Ms. Filipcheva emphasized the importance of the inclusion of businesses in this reform, and requested that they actively participate in the process of analyzing taxation, planning changes in the tax system and related issues that affect the economy as a whole.

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