Bridging The Gap Between Microsoft Teams And CISCO Webex In Your Company

On February 17, a group of 23 people attended the fourth educational event, covering the topic of “Collaboration” for Digital Transformation, initiated by the AmCham Digital Transformation Committee. This time, the attendees had a chance to learn how the two applications Microsoft Teams and Webex interoperate, providing its users access to many features.

Today, when the world is faced with unprecedented times and fast-changing technology, the workforce has become more dispersed, mobile, and remote, and as we are becoming more technically savvy, we also want our tools to be easy to manage.

The co-existence of two apps such as Microsoft Teams and Webex not only provides an extensive list of functionalities but also makes our work processes as twice as efficient. Hybrid work is the future of work and therefore these applications will help us to keep everything in one searchable place, to send messages, share files, organize video meetings, have automated calendar synchronization, etc.

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