Networking Event With Board Of Directors & Ex-Officios

It’s been a year of virtual meetings, online conversations and digital connections, and we were all excited to get back in touch with each other in person.

On June 29th, we had the immense pleasure of hosting our very first networking event this year with our Board of Directors and our Ex-Officios.

Despite the summer heat, this was the perfect opportunity to refresh old acquaintances, introduce some new faces, to reflect over the past year and discuss our future plans and endeavors.

In the true spirit of AmCham, we took advantage of this get-together to participate in an ongoing charity activity. Namely, half of the proceeds for hosting this event will be donated to Project Happiness for providing children of social risk with school supplies. This activity was initiated the event venue Park Hotel & Spa for the opening of “Four Garden”.

We would like to thank everyone present for their attendance, and ensure those that missed the event that is just the first of many to come!

We had a lovely time, but don’t take our word for it – a picture is worth a 1000 words and we have many!

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