New Member – Industry Service

Industry Service LLC – Skopje is a family company founded in 2002, specialized in industrial catering and organized nutrition for the needs of large industrial facilities in the country.

The company also provides conceptual design solutions for companies who wish to have their own kitchen facilities, as well as catering services for corporate events. In the period of almost two decades, the company had prepared and served more than 16 million meals, without any recorded incident or non-compliance in terms of safety.
Their latest and largest investment project was made last year, with the opening of the “Central Kitchen in Skopje”. A completely new production facility with state-of-the-art technology and catering equipment for industrial catering, that combines the processes of preparation, distribution, and serving of meals in a maximum safe and controlled environment. This is the largest kitchen in the Western Balkan Region, with a daily capacity for production and distribution of 10,000 meals.

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