Sustainable Investing Principles to Enhance North Macedonia’s Corporate Sector

The American Chamber of Commerce in North Macedonia (AmCham), supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise, has launched a project aimed at strengthening the role of the country’s corporate sector in building a sustainable and resilient society. The project focuses on integrating ESG principles into business strategies and consists of two main pillars: business awareness and education. 

Under the business awareness pillar, activities will include content creation and the development of an ESG booklet. Further, a thematic ESG conference will be organized to promote understanding and share best practices among companies. 

The education pillar involves conducting a readiness assessment to evaluate companies’ knowledge and preparedness for ESG implementation. This assessment will be followed by the organization of training courses for companies. The training modules will be tailored based on the assessment results, covering topics such as stakeholder analysis, baseline assessment, and reporting requirements. 

The project activities are designed to bridge the knowledge gap, raise awareness, and assist companies in implementing ESG practices. 

AmCham aims to be a driving force in achieving an ESG and sustainable investment-compliant corporate sector in North Macedonia. The project’s specific objectives are to familiarize companies and stakeholders with the concept of ESG and to enhance companies’ knowledge and expertise in integrating it into their business strategies. This will increase visibility and understanding of ESG among relevant stakeholders and promote the development of sustainable business models.  

Project activities update:  Kearney Consulting from Slovenia has been selected to conduct the ESG Readiness Assessment Analysis of companies in North Macedonia to evaluate their knowledge, competence, and preparedness related to ESG practices.  

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