The Customs Administration Introduces Final Version of National Single Window Blueprint

AmCham attended a presentation for the National Single Window Blueprint, organized by the Customs Administration, who are also the leading agency and coordinator of the activities in this project. The Blueprint represents a roadmap for the establishment and implementation of a National Single Window System.

The Blueprint has been prepared within the Project to develop and implement the new National Single Window System. The  goal of the project to improve the trade and transportation of North Macedonia.

An overview of eight technical areas relevant for the National Single Window implementation were presented, providing information for various task clusters and details on the different aspects to consider, including actionable recommendations and the most critical tasks to address.

The benefits of the new National Single Window System for both the public sector and private sector were pointed out as well, emphasizing faster and more efficient border crossing.

The National Single Window is planned to be operative for 24 months, viz in December 2024.

One of the next steps in the following phase of the project is selecting a consultant who will provide support for the system management and oversee the installation of hardware and software. A consultant will be selected by May 2022, and the top priority for the consultant will be to prepare a technical and functional specification for software solutions and hardware installations as a required part of the procedure for selecting the operator. The operator responsible for software development and hardware installation will be selected by March 2023 in cooperation with the consultant. The operator should develop the final solution and install the necessary equipment within 12 months. One of the most crucial consultant’s responsibilities will be qualitative and quantitative supervision and approval of the equipment to be installed. Furthermore, the consultant will be responsible for supporting the management strategy for change and capacity building as well as establishing a legal and regulatory framework.

A firm commitment by the Government and all relevant institutions and agencies in establishing the National Single Window was noted to be of great importance for the successful completion of the Project. The leading role of the Customs Administration and the necessity of proactive cooperation with the private sector and its involvement were emphasized as well as crucial factors for successful implementation.

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