Third Skopje Economic Finance Forum SEFF – Europe – Yes, Europe – Now

The third Skopje Economic Finance Forum (SEFF 2023), this year under the theme “Europe – Yes, Europe – Now” continued to be an excellent forum for fostering public policy discussions and connecting the policy makers, international organizations and the business sector.

SEFF 2023 offered an overview of the advantages and significant economic multiplier effects of the European Union membership and the importance of aligning regional integration with this process, as a way to speed up the access to the European single market.

AmCham strongly believes that the value of businesses for our country’s European perspective is paramount. Only through partnerships and following a common goal can we achieve development-driven governance, guided by the European principles of economic prosperity, peace and security, and the protection of human rights.

It was a great honor to collaborate again with the Ministry of Finance on SEFF and keeping the tradition to continuously encourage an open dialog among such distinguished array of speakers.

Thank you to our members Alkaloid AD Skopje and Phillip Morris for their support, to Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov and Mr. Ivan Kostic for sharing their inspiring corporate stories of how a Macedonian company can become a recognizable player on the international market and what benefits an international company with it’s know how can bring to the local market.

And as AmCham’s President of the Board, Mr. Dragan Davitkov said, we should take advantage of our strategic position being on a crossroad, think what we can offer to Europe on our accession path and start crossing the bridges we have been building, without necessarily waiting for them to be ideal. The SEFF was attended by representatives from AmCham patron members and member companies.

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