100 years of Pivara Skopje – 100 years of Tradition, Development and Partnership with the Community

As part of the celebration of the great jubilee, special events were organized where the contribution was summarized together with the employees, business and community partners and the path of Pivara Skopje for the next 100 years was laid out in terms of the sustainable development and support of the community in several key areas, such as: education and the development of young people, the provision of a clean environment and the protection of water resources, creating inclusive and learning environment for the employees and partners, and investing in new technologies, as well as other areas as sports, culture, art, tradition.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Coca-Cola HBC Group, Zoran Bogdanovic, also participated in the partner events organized for the 100th anniversary of Pivara Skopje, as well as representatives from Heineken N.V. and The Coca-Cola Company. On this occasion they made a market visit where Pivara Skopje once again is committed to providing the highest quality of premium products and experience to our customers and consumers. As a result, is creating high incremental values that are shared together with the partners and community. They also visited the Experience center of Pivara Skopje located in a building that has existed since the beginnings of the company and where there are a large number of artifacts that testify to its long and rich history.

The authentic story of Pivara Skopje, which has been told for 100 years, was also an occasion for the gathering between employees, business and community partners, who have participated and given a personal stamp in the creation and sharing of joint successes in the past decades. They all raised a glass to the rich heritage created by Pivara Skopje in the past, and more importantly focusing on its future success.

Our company was founded and built here. Our heritage and our Brands are integral part of the city, the country, and the national identity. As inseparable part of the community, we represent the best of local – ingredients, talent, and spirit. At the same time, we are part of a big international family. Together with Coca-Cola HBC and Heineken we are in unique opportunity to enrich our mutual potential through the constant exchange of knowledge, experience, and talents. Living a hundred years is like running a marathon, not a sprint. It requires not just a strength, but more a consistency and resilience. But for that life to be successful, fulfilling and fun – it requires togetherness. We are proud that we share so much together, memories and special moments, in the good times and in the bad times. Therefore, when we are saying that We are partners for life, growing together, always together, we truly and deeply mean it. We hope you are feeling like being a part of this special journey or as our saying goes – Once Pivarec, Always Pivarec,“ said the General Director of Pivara Skopje, Goran Sladic.

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