Alkaloid’s Becutan, the Most Powerful Macedonian Brand, Celebrates 45 Years of Existence 

This year, the pharmaceutical company Alkaloid, marked 45 years of existence of one its most recognizable brands – the collection of products intended for baby and children’s skin care, Becutan. 

The company’s CEO and Management Board President, Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, emphasized that it is a great honor to celebrate such a jubilee – 45 years of existence of the Becutan brand. 

“I would like to address you today, not as the company manager, but as a father of four. One of the most responsible roles a person can have is being a parent. This means caring for and being dedicated to someone who lives next to you, is growing, developing, and who needs to grow into a healthy person. From many sleepless nights, through the choice of food, to the choice of cosmetics that a baby is given. My parents used Becutan, my sister and I use Becutan, today my wife and I use this product. More than 60 million jars of Becutan cream have been produced since it first went on the market in 1978, which is another proof of its high quality and tradition. This is proof that it is a product that can be absolutely trusted”, Mr. Mukaetov pointed out. 

He emphasized that the brand is the company’s pride, and that generations have grown up and are still growing up with Becutan, both here and in the region. We are thrilled to be able to boast that the brand is continuously growing, said Mr. Mukaetov. 

Becutan is not only the pride of Alkaloid. Becutan is one of the most recognizable Macedonian brands in the region and beyond, positioned among the top leaders in the children’s cosmetics segment. The products are made from premium raw materials of confirmed quality, which correspond to the European directives for quality products intended for children’s skin care, while the manufacturing process undergoes continual inspection of the input materials and the finished products, carried out in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice standards, being the highest in this industry. The products intended for care and protection of baby and children’s skin are the portfolio’s leading segment, having extremely mild formulations made according to unique recipes, safe for use from the first day after birth. Starting with only 5 pharmaceutical formulations intended for children’s skin hygiene, today the Becutan portfolio has more than 60 basic product types and over 100 different package forms, all clinically and dermatologically tested and developed in cooperation with pediatricians, neonatologists, and dermatologists. 

Prim. Dr. Marina Pop-Lazarova, emphasized that the Becutan brand is associated with tradition, quality, safety, efficiency, and innovation. 

“Care for children is our shared goal, the care that starts from the earliest age. The Becutan portfolio and products, which are absolutely effective and safe, help us overcome various common challenges whenever we are faced with specific conditions in children. Our shared goal is a healthy child. A healthy child is a happy child, said Ms. Pop-Lazarova. 

The year of Becutan’s 45th anniversary will be marked by our strategic partnership with SOS Children’s Village. Currently, this organization provides support to more than 400 children and youth who are left without parents and parental care. One of Alkaloid’s main priorities is social responsibility, which is positioned high in our corporate strategy. We continuously invest in the improvement and progress of all circumstance and spheres of our social environment by carrying out specific projects that serve the interests of the community in which we live and work. Another highly significant company project is our cooperation with SOS Children’s Village, which focuses on caring for the little ones, the children, and health above all. 

This year, the company decided to donate a percentage of the sales from the Becutan liquid line collection to SOS Children’s Village in North Macedonia. The Fundraising and Communications Director at SOS Children’s Village, Ms. Silvija Brajovikj, emphasized that Becutan is a leading brand for children’s care and that it has been the best in its field for 45 years. 

“Caring for children is what brought us together with SOS Children’s Village. Becutan provides the best and highest quality care for our loved ones, while SOS Children’s Village has been creating families for 22 years so that every child can grow with care, love, and belong to a family. It is of great importance for us that Becutan consumers are aware of our connection, bringing added humanitarian value to the Becutan brand. With this campaign, on the occasion of Becutan’s 45th anniversary, the consumers themselves become part of our shared mission. We care for all children.” Ms. Brajovikj emphasized. 

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