47 Years Pivara Supports The Traditional Galichnik Wedding

After a one-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tradition of the famous cultural and stage event Galichnik Wedding resumes on the upcoming weekend. At this year’s 47th edition of this authentic event, the solemn vows in the picturesque Galichnik will be delivered by Katerina Ilievska and Filip Bundovski, whose descent is from Galichnik.

“We are very happy that this year the conditions are right to resume this centuries-old tradition of the Mijaks, which certainly has a special place in the rich Macedonian cultural heritage. We are ready to welcome all visitors from the country and abroad who will come to Galichnik to see and to admire once again the unique wedding customs and rituals, followed by the rich color of folk costumes and original songs and dances. characteristic for this Macedonian region,” said Aleksandar Kostic from the organizing team of the Local Community Galichnik. He noted that from an organizational point of view, all preventive measures will be taken to protect the health of participants and visitors while appealing to all who come to Galichnik to respect the measures and recommendations for protection against Covid-19.

The patron of this year’s Galichnik Wedding is President Stevo Pendarovski, and one of the traditional supporters of the event this year too is the Ministry of Culture.

“Galichnik wedding is a guardian of tradition and our precious intangible cultural heritage. The Ministry of Culture remains a strong supporter and promoter of this event which enriches and preserves the recognizable Macedonian folklore,” said the Minister of Culture, Irena Stefoska, congratulating this year’s Galichnik bride and groom, wishing them a happy and long life together.

This year too, Pivara Skopje continues the traditional partnership with the event, which has lasted continuously for 47 years, from its beginnings until today. In addition to the financial support, which is of great importance for the continuity and the high reputation of Galichnik Wedding, the company has traditionally provided drinks for the participants in the wedding ceremony.

“We are happy that this year we have more favorable conditions for the continuation of the tradition of organizing Galichnik Wedding. Tradition is a bridge that connects the past, present and future, gives us energy and keeps us together for better or for worse, and that is why we should nurture and support it. All of us at Pivara Skopje are especially proud that our company and our brands are continuously an integral part of this celebration which captivates with its authenticity, beauty, and immeasurable value and is an epitome of our tradition,” said the Corporate communications manager of Pivara Skopje Marija Minincic. She joined the appeal of the organizers for consistent compliance with the measures for protection against Covid-19 by all visitors and participants in the events of this year’s Galichnik wedding while reminding them of the recommendations for responsible alcohol consumption and protection of the clean environment in Galichnik and its surroundings.

Traditionally, the official start of this year’s Galichnik Wedding will be marked on Saturday, July 17, with the hoisting of the wedding flag and the symbolic act of “firing three rifles” from the groom’s house. The wedding of the newlyweds will take place on Sunday, July 18, in the church St. Apostles Peter and Paul in Galichnik, and the ceremony will end with the act of bidding the drummers and zurla players farewell. According to the Program of this year’s Galichnik Wedding, which this time again abounds with various entertainment and music content, adapted for all generations, it starts on Friday, July 16, with the concerts of bands Toa e Toa, Ljubojna and BandOff, and ends on Sunday, July 18, with the farewell to the Majovci gang and wishing “to see each other healthy again next year”.

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