A1 Macedonia Launches A1 Future Hub

A1 Macedonia prepares for the future – strengthening its culture of learning, skills acquisition and focuses on digital and flexible working, and has therefore launched the A1 Future Hub, a development program that will prepare colleagues for what lies ahead!

While some of the companies in our country in the past had a really big challenge in organizing employees and offering flexible working conditions during a pandemic, A1 Macedonia was one of the few companies that were prepared for the new conditions and used this period to learn and ensure the professional advancement of their entire team.

A1 Macedonia recently launched the A1 Future Hub program to develop and upgrade every single employee in the company.

A1 Future Hub is the most thoroughly developed and most comprehensive program for development and upgrading that A1 Macedonia has had insofar, which is intended to prepare employees for what awaits them in the future. The program includes modules for personal and professional development of employees with a focus on 3 areas: Development of leadership skills, Future, and digital skills, and Functional knowledge.

As A1 informs, development does not end with the completion of the training, it is only the beginning of the process of preparation of the team of A1 Macedonia for the future.

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