Alkaloid Further Expends on the European Market

Following several years of successful operation on the Romanian market, “Alkaloid” AD Skopje registered a new business in Romania under the name “Alkaloid Bucharest S.R.L.”. The company is 100% owned by the Alkaloid brand.

This business move is part of the company’s long-term development and business policy, aimed at achieving the primary strategic objectives relating to the globalization of the “Alkaloid” brand and strengthening the existing export positions, particularly in European Union markets.
Given that more than 65% of the company’s product placement is intended for export, the presence of the manufacturing program in EU countries, as well as expansion into new markets, is critical. In that regard, the newly established legal entity is the sixth in a row to be established within European Union member states.
With this action, “Alkaloid” moves closer to realizing its key strategic determination: growth in the business contours of an export-oriented company with a stable market position.

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