Clinic For Infectious Diseases Receives A Donation From The Red Cross Provided By The Coca Cola Foundation And Pivara

The Skopje University Clinic for Infectious Diseases has received the necessary materials in a form of donation provided by the Coca Cola Foundation and Pivara Skopje, realized through the Red Cross. This donation is part of the activities through which this year, under the slogan “We Are All Red”, the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day,  May 8th is celebrated. On the very same day The Coca Cola Company celebrates its birthday.

“Today’s donation for the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in conditions of increased number of patients is yet another positive example for solidarity, social responsibility and stimulus for mutual help and support in such conditions of pandemic. We are very grateful to the Coca Cola Foundation and Pivara Skopje for the funding provided for the realization of this activity of the Red Cross” said Suzana Tuneva Paunovska, Secretary of the Red Cross of City Skopje.

The donated materials for the Clinic for Infectious Diseases are part of the priority list of the Ministry of Health for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Pivara Skopje, as an integral part of the community, is proud to be able to help where needed. It is part of our corporate culture, our values and socially responsible acting directed towards meeting the needs and interests of the community, its people and the country. The support from the Coca-Cola HBC and HEINEKEN Group, which our company is part of, is of immense importance. I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all employees and volunteers of the Red Cross for their dedication and hard work and I would also like to thank the entire medical staff that cares for the health of all the patients who have been affected by COVID-19” said Lambro Patche, PR and Communications Manager at Pivara Skopje.

The organizational director of the Clinic, Dr. Mirjana Pehchevska Pop-Iliev expressed their gratitude for the donation provided and the support the Clinic for Infectious Diseases has been receiving to handle the challenges derived from the pandemic.

“For all of us this donation is a gesture of lending a helping hand but also a motivation to work harder so that we can withstand this difficult period courageously and with dedication. The Clinic for Infectious Diseases has always been in the frontline when it comes to critical situations. In this situation, as in the ones before, we are maximizing our efforts in the fight to handle the challenges. These critical times provide us with a unique opportunity to help each other even more and remind us that being human takes precedence over everything else” said Dr. Pehchevska Pop-Iliev.

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